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Legacy Tattoo was founded in 2006 by Jackson and is located in beautiful East Sacramento, CA. Legacy is a custom electric tattoo studio that offers a diverse collection of artists specializing in popular styles of tattooing such as; American traditional, Japanese, black & grey, realism, portraits, and more.

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Legacy ink tattoo studio

Nowadays a tattoo is one of the ways to express your "self", to emphasize originality. Have you decided to get yourself a tattoo? Well. Then a couple of tips won't hurt.

  1. First, you must understand that there are no temporary tattoos, so the choice of design must be conscious. Modern technology allows you to "take out" the figure, but to return the original state of the skin is unlikely to succeed. Tips on the master tattoo will be very helpful.
  2. Secondly, each master has his creative developments, styles, which he has mastered to perfection. Therefore, if you have not decided yet where you will do the tattoo, it is worth finding yourself an individual master.
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to choose the right studio where on your body the master will realize the idea in the drawing. By the way, the proper choice of the studio will free you from the necessity to determine to what master, all the same, to get to the reception because in the self-respecting elite institution all masters work originally and with love.
Legacy Tattoo Studio.

Why choose "Legacy Ink Tattoo"?

Comfortable and safe environment. At the reception, the client can get an initial consultation, look through the studio masters' portfolio, browse through the sketches catalogs, talk to the administrator about the materials and tools used, sterilization and cleaning methods, and ask questions. Our studio's treatment rooms guarantee sterility and personal safety. Our masters use only certified equipment and disposable materials (tattoo needles, caps, paint, gloves, etc). All tools, including holders for tattoo machines, undergo pre-sterilization cleaning, as well as steam and heat treatment in special equipment - steam autoclave, where all bacteria and microbes are killed.

Professional team of artists. Each professional tattoo artist has a portfolio, which you can study if you want. Masters of our studio work in all possible styles and directions, including:

Trash polka
Old school
New school

In our studio, they will help you to choose and make a tattoo according to the sketch, which will be designed individually for you! Masters do not just put a drawing on the body, satisfying. The artists not only do the drawing on your body to satisfy your wishes, but they also do it with love to their profession, artistically, and always approach the work originally and creatively.

Democratic prices. The cost of work depends on many factors, because, as a rule, any drawing is individual. But you can be sure that every client will be satisfied with quite reasonable prices.

A tattoo is something that stays with you for life. Trust the masters of our studio to create a small masterpiece on your body.

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Legacy Tattoo is located in East Sacramento, California & offers custom tattoos by a staff that is ready & more than able to help you with your next project.

5140 Folsom Boulevard,
Sacramento, Calif. 95819

phone: (916) 454-5404