What is Green Soap

Tattoo artists and specialists in permanent makeup probably know the answer "what is green soap?". But we decided to discuss the question in more detail. More than once we have seen how tattoo artists use ordinary wet wipes to remove excess pigment. Sometimes this does not cause any problems, because the wipes are usually soaked in a soapy solution, and sometimes with the addition of a bactericidal agent.

But often after the tattoo and tattooing sessions, clients complain about swelling and slow healing, and sometimes the pigment for unknown reasons is poorly retained in the skin. Often this happens because of poor skin disinfection, namely because of the very tissues that are used during the procedure. For the highest quality and cleanest work, it is recommended to use Green Soap.

How to make green soap for tattooing

how to make green soap for tattooing

Often green soap concentrate is available for sale and must be prepared for use. Storing it in concentrated form greatly saves working and storage space. How to mix green soap for tattooing? The actions are not complicated at all:

  1. Prepare a working solution (mix 1:10 with distilled water) - you can make preparations for several sessions, but keep the prepared solution in a safe sealed container;
  2. Pour the solution into a disposable container, preferably using a sprayer;
  3. Soak sterile tissues in the solution - non-woven tissues are best, but cotton disks are also possible;
  4. Use tissues soaked in antiseptic to remove excess pigment during the session.

Some tattoo artists prepare a small amount of solution, enough to soak cotton disks or tissues to remove with them the lymph, excess paint. But experience has shown that it is much more convenient to have such a bottle in a sealed, specialized container.
An attentive approach to all the details of work is a sign of a true professional. Such a tattoo artist, without a doubt, will not only qualitatively perform his work, but also cause great confidence in the client.

Why the green soap?

  • Does not cause allergic reactions (except individual intolerance to some components, which is quite rare);
  • Guarantees maximum antiseptic properties;
  • Economical to use;
  • Does not affect the introduction and color pigment;

Does it make sense to go to all this trouble? Yes! Even though tattoo artists use disposable needles inserted in sterilized holders (I want to believe that everyone does this), you should strive for sterility in everything. Good healing of the work is a huge plus in favor of the tattoo artist. After all, when clients will leave feedback, they will mention how many days and how exactly the healing is done, and this will influence the flow of new clients to the tattoo artist.



Why do I need green tattoo soap?

Green soap is used to prepare a working solution for tattooing and piercing. The solution is used to disinfect the skin and clean it. Before rinsing the instrument, the green soap must be foamed.

What kind of soap to use for tattoos?

Some tattoo artists use regular wet wipes (alcoholic, marked antibacterial). However, even after these, the skin sometimes becomes inflamed, swollen, and the pigment is not tightly retained. To avoid such consequences, we recommend the use of Green soap.